Abram Motopark Helmet Cam

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2013 Abram Motopark Rules and Guidelines

Abram Motopark recommend all riders take out there own personal injury cover for 2013, Combined Insurance Services provide all types of cover.

Abram Motopark Rules for All Riders/Competitors and Spectators

Drive slowly when entering Park Lane. NO EXCEPTIONS !

No riding in the paddock or surrounding land.

Littering by anyone will not be tolerated ! You have been warned !

Abuse of any kind towards officials / marshalls you will be asked to kindly leave the venue.

Spectators must stay within the designated viewing areas and must not cross or enter the track at any time..

Please park as directed

All Dogs / Pets must be kept on a lead.

On Track HSR

1 - All riders must have signed on before starting riding at Abram Motopark and accept that riding motorcycle is dangerous  and there is a significant risk of injury ,no insurance cover is provided by the organiser for injurys sustained by riders during the course of the day.

2 - Helmets / Boots and Saftey clothing must be worn and correctly fastened at all times.

3 - Refueling is only permitted with your ENGINE OFF. NO SMOKING.

4 - Never travel in the opposite direction to which the track flows. never try to short cut back to the start area , allways follow the track or wait for assistance

5 - All riders must stop if asked

6 - Riders must follow Marshalls instuctions at all times if given.

7 - Duration min 6 hours but this may be cut short by the clerk of the course.

8 - When the rider signs on you are deemed to have inspected the track and advised to use your first lap as a sighting lap.

9 - Riders will recieve a briefing on arrival , PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY, the brief will contain important information on the course and the days events.

10 - The tracks are marked with Orange dayglo arrows  were the arrows are parallel  forming a gate the rider must pass through , where there is a single arrow the rides must be whithin 2 meters of the arrow,  where  the arrows are crossed  this means exercise the utmost caution extreme hazzard ahead.


12 - Any rider who permits a third party to ride his or her machine on the track or surrounding land.

13 - Riding in a dangerous manner likley to cause injury to the rider or others.

14 - Course Cutting or riders who persistently ride through taped areas. or riding wide of the markers

15 - Abusive behaviour towards ANYBODY will not be tolerated. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !

For Info Call 07973 374147 or E Mail us @ abrammotopark@googlemail.co.uk

Location - Abram Motopark, Park Lane, Abram, Wigan. Postcode - WN2 5XP

Please Note - Abram is only open on selected dates if you wish to come along to ride or just check us out please do so but only on the advertised dates. Allways drive slowly on entering Park Lane and respect the local residents. No Exceptions!